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High quality materials

Strong, high quality leather, resistant metal zippers and other metal components, and solid lining. We are particular about materials that last.

Attention to detail

Massive and solid zippers, folded leather edges, perfect and careful stitching. Details are important to us.

Czech designer

František loves Italian design, which has served as his inspiration ever since the beginning of his creative work. That is why he chose an Italian name. Francesco Gattino represents Czech creations with a touch of Italian elegance.


No fashion eccentrics. Classic and simple shapes will ensure that you wear your bag every day for ten years. Still beautiful, still functional.


Before release, we wear our products and perfect them. That is why you will find a key loop in our backpacks, and in the briefcase, there is a small pocket, as well as a large compartment for a laptop.

Ever since I was a child I have always been interested in fashion and everything around it. I made my own designs and enjoyed the whole working process. But my ideas never got off the ground. Over time, I left this field and learned a craft – woodworking. But while working, I often missed the freedom of creativity that wood simply could not give me.

Thus I went back and started studying fashion design. Not only the student awards, but also the school collections that I created, gave me the courage to continue.

I wanted to gain experience and learn to sew and work with different materials, especially with leather. For me, leather is synonymous with durability and endurance. Good quality leather goods can accompany you your entire life and the cuts and bruises it acquires throughout its lifetime simply add to its beauty.

I started to work as a designer and pattern maker for companies in the textile and luggage industries. Three years later, together with my friend and my life mentor, I founded my own brand, Francesco Gattino.

Together we offer high quality leather products. Using the best materials, we produce accessories that are really long-lasting. Our products combine timelessness and practicality with a minimalist design. We design products which we ourselves want to wear and we believe you will love them too.

Our products are not designed only for one season. That’s why we do not plan to produce a lot of different products.

All Francesco Gattino products are made of high quality Italian leather, complete with customised zippers and fittings made in Italy.
The zippers we use come from the Italian manufacturer Lampo. This is a company with more than 120 years of history. Lampo zippers are characterised by high production precision, as well as its own development and design. Only a few companies have polished zippers with high durability of these. Try how easy it is to use them and you will not want an ordinary zipper.